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Private & Group Coaching

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Private & Group Coaching!

We are DIGGING IN!  This is where we go deep and personalize, just you and me...your Big Y, the How, and the Accountability. 

4  Month Private Coaching Package with Raelenna: $799
Intensive  and transformational 4 month package
6 Month Group Coaching with Raelenna: $599
Up to 10 people in a group, once a month for 6 months.
One Hour Single Private Session: $499

*Customizable and Personalized Packages Available


Money Honey!

We break it ALL down.  We will  set up your own personalized step by step to pay off debt, stay out of debt and live the life you want to live. Maximizing your money and strategically making plans for wealth building and BIG LIFE goals.

2 Hour One-on-One  All About the Money Honey Intensive: $799

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Take the First Step!

Managing money and building wealth is a LIFE CHANGER. Sign Up for The Smart Boss Course to give you the foundation to change everything. 



I am READY are YOU ? ? ? 

Get on the books and let's get started! My spots for private coaching are limited - remember, I am still a full time working Realtor running my own brokerage.  But, I want to make sure you get in. Just fill out the form and let's make your hard right turn together!

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