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4 Weeks of Group Coaching!
($999 value!) 


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May 2023 Group Coaching!  


We are DIGGING IN with a 4 week, Zoom video group coaching package! We are talking MONEY HONEY, creating YOUR vision for your career and your life in real estate, and HOW TO CREATE LONGEVITY!


Once a week for 4 weeks

INTENSIVE coaching on the basics inside my course

Special Pricing on Future Courses and Coaching!

*One Hour Single Private Session: $499
*Customizable and Personalized Packages available.


We break it ALL down.  THIS IS THE GROUNDWORK for the rest of your real estate life! 


I will teach you in real time, on LIVE video with open Q&A (for real for real!) the basics of all that is  inside my course to get you SET! 


Strategically plan your real estate career.

Understand where clients come from. 

How to make your money work for you. 

Purpose and Longevity!

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Group Coaching is THE BEST opportunity to get in the ZONE with like-minded people and get private coached by ME!  For four weeks, once a week, I will get down and dirty with you on the basics you have GOT TO KNOW to create a wealth building real estate career of longevity.


Want something more on-on-one??!

I am READY are YOU ? ? ? 

Get on the books and let's get started! My spots for private coaching are limited - remember, I am still a full time working Realtor running my own brokerage.  But, I want to make sure you get in. Just fill out the form and let's make your hard right turn together!

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