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The Big Y!

I will teach you how to identify and cultivate your dreams by understanding "why" you are doing this in the first place. 

You + The Socials

This is not optional. If you are scared of social media or think you do not want to mix personal with business on the socials - STOP NOW.  Be Smart. We have to change that mindset. Social Media needs to be your best friend. Your life is your brand. 

Where Do Clients Come From?

Like where do babies come from...there is a method to the madness and a relationship standard that has to be met. The life of your business is the connection to your clients. 

Money Honey!

This is a LIFE Changer. In real estate there is no income cap...there has to be intentionality and there is a Smart Boss way to build your life through money and creating wealth.

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Managing money and building wealth is a LIFE CHANGER. Sign Up for The Smart Boss Course to give you the foundation to change everything. 



From Broke to Boss.

Why The Smart Boss

There is no better way to learn than

to just do it. I want to help you do it right.

The Smart Way. 

- Raelenna

DJ Nini

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